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TRA2540 English Phonetics and Phonology: Home

Course Description

This course aims to help students improve various aspects of English pronunciation by introducing them to major concepts and mechanisms of the English sound system, including vowels, constants, syllable structure, stress, weak forms, connected speech, and intonation. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) will also be taught for students to read and transcribe English sounds. Applying a contrastive approach, the course allows students to better understand and perform these elements by making comparisons between English and their own mother tongue. Issues in the development of World Englishes will also be discussed.  

Recommended Books

English Pronunciation in Use: Advanced

This book provides English practice in pronunciation to help improve both speaking and listening. The focus is primarily on improving pronunciation in communication rather than practicing individual sounds or words. There are 60 units divided into 4 sections in this book. Section A introduces accents in different varieties of English. Section B is about pronunciation in words and phrases. Section C is about pronunciation in conversation. Section D is about pronunciation in formal settings. After the 60 units there is a fifth section, the reference section, consisting of further practices, glossary and further reading.

Practical Phonetics and Phonology: A Resource Book for Students

This book concentrates on practical rather than theoretical aspects of phonetics and phonology. The book is divided into 4 sections. Section A introduces some basic concepts such as phoneme. Section B closely studies the phonetics of English such as vowels and consonants, stress and intonation. Section C explores English in a selection of its many varieties of accents, from Dublin to Delhi, from Scotland to Singapore. Development of English over the centuries, especially its pronunciation change, is also examined. Section D extends further by means of a selection of writings about phonetics by well-known experts in the field.

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary

This dictionary is designed to provide information on the current pronunciation of approximately 80,000 English words and phrases. For each entry, a British and an American pronunciation is shown. The accent of British English in this dictionary is called BBC pronunciation, and the accent of American English is called General American. The dictionary provides much essential information that is not usually available in a general dictionary, such as the pronunciation of proper names, the pronunciation of all inflected forms of each word, and a large amount of detail about variant pronunciations. All the information on pronunciation is written using special phonetic symbols based on those of the International Phonetic Association.

English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course

This book is a textbook designed for students specializing in English phonetics and phonology, and it is also good for learners who are interested in English language or linguistics. There are altogether 20 chapters in this book, which gives a thorough examination of English phonetics and phonology, including the production of speech sounds; long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs; voicing and consonants; phoneme and symbols; fricatives and affricates; nasals and other consonants; syllable; strong and weak syllables; stress in simple words; complex word stress; weak forms; problems in phonemic analysis; aspects of connected speech; intonation; functions of intonation; as well as the varieties of English pronunciation.


本书是Peter Roach所著的第三版,共分20章,引言介绍了音位的概念,并对口音和方言进行了区别,说明了为什么用BBC发音代替标准发音。后面的章节依次探讨了语音的发生和英语短元音,长元音、双元音和三元音,发声与辅音,音位,擦音与塞擦音,鼻音与其他辅音,音节,强音节与弱音节,简单词的重音,复杂词的重音,弱式,音位分析中的问题,连贯语流,语调,语调的功能,以及语音学与音系学中可供继续学习的领域。

Recommended Databases