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TRA3240 Film and Television Subtitles Translation: Home

Course Description

This course aims to equip students with basic film and television subtitling skills between English and Chinese. Technical problems as well as cultural issues are analysed and discussed.

Recommended Books

Dubbing and Subtitling in a World Context

This volume is a collection of selected papers presented at the International Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling in a World Context in 2001. The papers collected in this book are categorized into three sections: history of the profession, theory, and practice. The four papers in the first section are about the history of subtitling and dubbing in Europe, Mainland China, Japan, and Korea. The five papers in the second section cover such theoretical issues of subtitling and dubbing as intrinsic dualism, the concept of multi-modality, etc. Papers in the third section cover different aspects of the practice of dubbing in various countries.

Recommended Databases