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GEB2312 A Bite of Chemistry: from Food to Drug: Home

Course Description

The introduction of chemistry knowledge about daily flavorings, drinks, and common medicines will be covered in this course. The associated discovery process and corresponding social influence will be presented as well, which tries to make the students realize the features and limitations of scientific discoveries, therefore to treat the influence of chemistry to our daily life more comprehensively and objectively. 

Recommended Books

Food: The Chemistry of its Components

This is a textbook of introductory food chemistry. It covers food’s macro-components, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and water, which are the substances whose chemical properties exert the major influence on the obvious physical characteristics of foodstuff; as well as colors, vitamins, etc., which are substances drawn together by the nature of their contribution to food rather than by their chemical classification. It also devotes a chapter to enzymes and water each. Aside from a suggestion of further reading, each chapter also concludes with a selection of relatively recent review articles which will provide access to the original research.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Journals