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GEB3102/PHI3102 Bioethics: Home

Course Description

This course discusses contemporary controversies arising from biological and medical sciences and technologies. We will see now the debate between general moral principles extends to the biomedical context. A wide range of issues may be discussed, including genetic modification, organ market, patient autonomy, euthanasia and assisted suicide, reproduction, surrogation, etc. It helps future biomedical practitioners make ethically informed decisions and equip otherwise interested students with philosophical tools to reflect on these issues.

Recommended Books

Contemporary Debates in Bioethics

This book features a collection of divergent arguments contributed by contemporary scholars that focus on core bioethical concerns of the twenty-first century. The chapters are presented in a debate style with yes and no responses after an introduction to the specific issue discussed in each chapter, intended to provoke discussion and debate for students in ethics, bioethics, and medical ethics classrooms in high school, college, and professional school. Topical concerns include international medical research, human cloning, markets in human organs, abortion, gene and embryo copyrighting, physician-assisted suicide, stem-cell research, primate research, biomedical enhancement, etc.

Recommended Databases