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TRA3520 Literary Translation: Home

Course Description

This is a practice-oriented course aiming to provide an intermediate-level training in literary translation between English and Chinese. It covers mainly prose of various types, and may occasionally include poetry. It is designed with a view to increasing students’ awareness of the importance of textual details, ranging from word choice to syntactic design and text formulation, so as to strengthen their ability to discover ways to translate such texts in a more accurate and appropriate manner. The focus of lectures is on issues related to actual text translation. Under the lecturer’s guidance, students are encouraged to reflect on various problems arising from translating literary texts, alongside the strategies they may have employed to address such problems.

Recommended Books

翻译探微: 语言·文本·诗学


Translation: Literary, Linguistic, and Philosophical Perspectives

This book intends to provide linguistic, literary, and philosophical treatments of translation. The book is correspondingly divided into three sections- Part 1 Literary Perspectives collects 7 essays, engaging in metaphysical speculation about “taste” and “fidelity”; Part 2 Linguistic Perspectives collects 3 essays, discussing the (im)possibilities of language transfer; Part 3 Philosophical perspectives collects 2 essays, construing the problem from philosophical perspective such as ethics and empiricism. Frawley (the editor) argues that the human and the machine seek each other in translation- the former seeks the rigor and systematicity of a linguistically omniscient machine and the latter seeks an algorithm to decide its options.

Recommended Databases