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ENG1001 English Bridge Program (EBP): Home

Course Description

The English Bridge Program is the first in a series of four courses that improve student ability to read, write, listen, and speak in English. The goal is to communicate effectively and with confidence in professional English (as opposed to academic English).

Recommended Books

Great Writing 5: From Great Essays to Research

Great Writing 5 is the last step of the Great Writing Series. The goal of this series is to help the learners both to produce a presentable product and to understand the composing process. While the Great Writing Foundations and the Great Writing 1-4 teaches grammar, vocabulary, spelling, sentences, paragraphs and essays, Great Writing 5 focuses more on advanced essays, including research papers. There are 8 units in this book, covering the components of an essay, steps of the writing process, skills of paraphrasing, summarizing, synthesizing, and citing sources, different types of essays such as comparison, cause-effect, and argument essays, and how to write a research paper.

Recommended Databases