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ENG2001T English for Translation Program III: Home

Course Description

This is the third of four courses designed to develop English language knowledge for use in translation and/or simultaneous interpretation. This course will introduce the students to different genres of texts to further broaden their exposure to authentic materials evident in their chosen career area and develop their awareness and understanding of discourse features of different genres.

Recommended Books

The Art of Speeches and Presentations: The Secrets of Making People Remember What You Say

This book is designed to assist readers in the task of developing a clear central argument. Collins lists six basic precepts of good writing- delivery that emphasizes the character of speech as performance, expectations that call for mutual expectations from both the speaker and the audience, topic that can be summarized into one single sentence, audience whose response is vital to the speech, individual that the speech needs to present the best possible version of the speaker, and language that should be simple terms rather than jargons. There are six chapters in this book, each corresponding to one of the basic precepts, but in a different sequence.

Recommended Databases