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GEB2310 Chemistry in Life: Home

Course Description

This course introduces the basic chemical principles behind the issues inhabitants of Earth are facing, including air pollution; water pollution; the quest for renewable energy; the creation of new materials for work and entertainment; the constant battle with diseases and ageing. Some remedies through newer technologies and a change of life-style will be discussed.

Recommended Books

Chemistry for Changing Times

This book is designed for students who are not science majors. Therefore, it emphasizes basic chemical concepts and practical applications of chemistry to problems solving rather than esoteric theories or rigorous mathematics. There are altogether 22 chapters in this book, covering a wide range of topics in chemistry, including the concept of chemistry, atoms, atomic structure, chemical bonds, chemical accounting, gases, liquids, solids, intermolecular forces, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction, organic chemistry, polymers, nuclear chemistry, chemistry of earth, air, water, energy, biochemistry, food, drugs, fitness and health, chemistry on the farm, in the garden and on the lawn, household chemicals, poisons.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Journals