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GED2106 Western Intellectual History: Home

Course Description

This course explores major trends and developments in Western intellectual history, including its origins, implications, and criticisms from a variety of philosophical perspective and analysis of related cultural phenomena that may include: science, religion, literature, and art.

Recommended Books

The Iliad

Iliad is the tale of 51 days’ fighting in the tenth year of the Trojan War. The hero Achilles fell into anger with the Greeks, due to conflict with the king Agamemnon over a female slave. Achilles thus refused to go to the battlefield for the Greeks, and the Greeks suffered great loss during the war without the leadership of Achilles. Achilles returned to the battlefield only after the death of his closest friend Patroclus, who was killed by the Trojan leader Hector. Achilles killed Hector to revenge, but eventually returned Hector’s body to Hector’s father Priam, as Priam reminded him of his own father, another old man who will never see his son again.

Recommended Databases