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PSY5140 Learning and Cognition: Home

Course Description

This course examines different theoretical perspectives on learning and cognitive functions, and their applications in improving learning, memory, and school teaching. The course also explores the shaping effects on biological evolution on learning and cognition, and mechanisms and applications of other cognitive activities, such as perception, attention, memory, and reasoning. 

Recommended Books

Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior

This book is designed as a modular structure to present the content of learning and memory. There are four modules altogether, the introductory module, the learning module, the memory module, and the integrative topics module. The modular structure makes it very flexible in terms of the sequence of study materials- one can choose to study the learning module only, or the memory module only, or first learning module then memory module, or first memory module then learning module. This book features the neuroscience focus, as well as the clinical perspective which shows the impact of the study of learning and memory on treatment of clinical disorders.

Cognition: Theories and Applications

This book is designed for undergraduate students in the field of cognitive psychology. The book is divided into three parts: Information-Processing Stages, Representation and Organization of Knowledge, and Complex Cognitive Skills. Part 1 covers pattern recognition, attention, short-term working memory, and long-term memory, and describes what occurs during the different information-processing stages and how the stages interact. Part 2 covers memory codes, visual images, categorization, and semantic organization, and discusses qualitatively different memory codes and the organization of knowledge in long-term memory. Part 3 covers cognitive skills such as language, comprehension and memory for text, problem solving, expertise and creativity, and decision making.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Journals