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GEB2202 Our Dynamic Earth: Home

Recommended Books

This course exposes students to a wide variety of scientific problems, which took centuries for the scientists to discover, observe, and solve. Students’ exposure to a number of changes on our earth empowers them to understand a broad range of scales under which the nature operates. Overall subject content and the addressed problems in earth sciences broaden students’ thinking and appreciation of the value of science that unravels the hidden side of the dynamic earth.

Recommended Books

Earth Science

This book is a college-level text designed for an introductory course in Earth Science, and is good for students with little background in science. There are 24 chapters divided into 7 units, presenting knowledge of matter and minerals; rocks; weathering, soil, and mass wasting; running water and groundwater; glaciers, deserts, and wind; plate tectonics; earthquakes and earth’s interior; volcanos and other igneous activity; crustal deformation and mountain building; geologic time; the ocean floor; ocean water and ocean life; the atmosphere; moisture, clouds, and precipitation; air pressure and wind; weather patterns and severe storms; world climates and global climate change; etc.

Recommended Databases

Recommended Journals