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GEC3104 Tradition and Modernity: Cities in Chinese History (from 16th Century): Home

Course Description

This course will introduce the basic knowledge of city development in China, 16-20th century.

Recommended Books



Shanghai Modern: The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China 1930-1945

This book represents the city of Shanghai in the 1930s as a cultural matrix of Chinese modernity. Part One constructs an urban cultural context of Shanghai Modern based on factual description together with Lee’s own narration from the perspective of cultural production- print culture, cinema, and literary journals. Part Two discusses literary texts that represent modern literary imagination of Shanghai. Selected writers includes, Shi Zhecun, Liu Na'ou, and Mu Shiying, Shao Xunmei, Ye Lingfeng, and Eileen Chang. Part Three provides some general reflections and arguments on the social conditions of the Shanghai Modern. In this part, Lee also invokes the parallels between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Recommended Databases