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PSY5120 Child and Adolescent Development: Home

Course Description

This course explores the principles and theories of normal child growth and development from birth through adolescence, focusing on school age children. The course will focus on the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains of development and their applications in the school settings. Also discussed are the external factors from family, peers, culture and society that shape child and adolescent development and their learning in schools.

Recommended Books

The Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

This handbook is concerned with theory and research on human development into cultural beings, with its focus on cultural change, migration, and globalization. There is also a focus on a variety of developmental contexts such as family, school, work, media, community and civic realms, and religion. The handbook showcases the interdisciplinary "cultural-developmental" approach to scholarship that bridges universal and cultural perspectives on human development, covering the entire life course from the prenatal period and birth to old age and death. The topics covered include cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.

Recommeded Databases

Recommended Journals