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PSY5350 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Counseling Psychology: Home

Course Description

This is an advanced seminar to learn and discuss important issues in the practice and research of clinical and counselling psychology in the decade of the mind of the 21st century.

Recommended Books


The emphasis of this book is on empirical studies of emotion, including its experiential, biological, social, cognitive, and clinical aspects. This book attaches importance to both the perspective from research on particular basic emotions and the perspective from process that generalize across emotions. Part One deals with general principles and issues such as the nature of emotion, the evolution of emotion, emotion and culture, emotion and body, emotion and brain, emotion regulation. Part Two focus on individual emotions such as fear and anxiety, anger and disgust, love, happiness and the positive emotions, the self-conscious emotions. Part Three explores emotion research in subdisciplines of psychology.

Recommeded Databases

Recommended Journals