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GLB5420 International Organizations & Global Governance: Home

Course Description

This course explores the wide range of intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the global governance. More specifically it examines how international organizations address the central issues of global governance including global security, global trade and finance, global development, global warming, and global environment. The main focus of the course is on how international institutions are used at various levels of global governance, with varying degrees of success and failures. Students are expected to develop the ability to think critically, both about the nature of problems that face states as well as development of global governance mechanisms in terms of various international organizations.

Recommended Books

The World Bank: From Reconstruction to Development to Equity

This book provides an introduction to the World Bank who works with the poorer countries of the world to further their economic and social development by providing a combination of financial resources, technical support, advice and analysis, training and coordination of development assistance. The book elaborates the complex roles that the World Bank plays, traces the World Bank’s history and evolution, and introduces the major elements of the organization and different parts of the World Bank Group. The book also examines the work of the World Bank from the perspective of the international development community, illustrates how the institution operates, and explores the controversy surrounding the institution.

Recommended Databases