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GLB5450 Seminar on Selected Topics of International Relations: Home

Course Description

This course is intended to introduce students to the contemporary issues in the study of international relations that defines the future trends of world politics in 21st century. It may also cover relevant topics of international relations not covered by other courses in this stream. In addition, it provides an opportunity for teachers to introduce their own expertise and more recent research findings to students thus broadening their academic and intellectual horizon. Students are expected to do intensive pre-readings, presentations, in-class debate and discussions, and ultimately conduct their own research on specific topics.

Recommended Books

The Post-American World: Release 2.0

In this book, Zakaria argues that the rest of the world has risen in the fields of economy, industry, and culture, etc., by virtue of the actions that the United States spread liberal democracy across the world. He tries to explain this new world, examine factors to that led to current power balance, and describe its challenges and opportunities. Case studies focus on China and India. Zakaria also make comparisons in the historical context to examine American use of power. In the end, he strives to find ways to maintain the economic vitality and global influence of the United States.

Recommended Databases