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PSY5150 Advanced Topics in Educational Psychology: Home

Course Description

This is an advanced seminar to discuss and examine current issues in research and practice of educational psychology. There are two modules in this course.

The first module focuses on social emotional learning. Students will learn about what is social emotional learning, the applications of social emotional learning in elementary, middle and high schools, the assessment of social emotional learning, teachers’ training in social emotional learning and social emotional learning in the Asian contexts.

The second module focuses on a number of selected advanced quantitative methods widely applicable in research in education and psychology. Students will learn about logistic regression analysis, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and path analysis. The focus is on understanding the rationale of these methods, the research and data situations where these methods are applicable, the operational procedures for conducting these analyses, and appropriate interpretation of results of these analyses in research settings.

Recommended Books

Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning: Research and Practice

This handbook covers all aspects of research, practice and policy in the field of social and emotional learning. It starts with an examination of the foundations of this field, including the approaches, the potential effects, the funding for social and emotional learning, etc. Then it moves to discuss evidence-based programming in different levels of school, for students with disabilities, and student-teacher relationships and school-family partnership, etc. In the next part, the handbook turns focus to assessment, in terms of education, improvement of students’ social skills, climate and conditions, organizational readiness, etc. The last part reviews practice and policy of social and emotional learning.

Recommended Databases