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TRA3270 Financial Translation: Home

Course Description

This course aims at familiarizing students with key financial terms and the characteristics of a variety of financial texts and equipping them with the basic knowledge and techniques in handling the translation of these texts. Through a comparative study of English and Chinese parallel texts and ample practice in English-Chinese/Chinese-English translation, students will develop their writing and translation skills required in finance-related professions.

Recommended Books

Specialised Translation: Shedding the “Non-literary” Tag

This book deconstructs and challenges the designation “non-literary” of specialized translation. The introduction chapter introduces the approach which is focused on terminology as a key feature of specialized languages, or Language for Special Purposes. Chapter 2 introduces some basic issues concerning specialized translation, including the significance of subject fields, culture in specialized language, the linguistic scope of specialized language and lexical codification. Chapter 3 reevaluates a number of core concepts- terms, text, and translation. Chapter 4 and 5 focus on historical aspects of terminology and translation. The final chapter revisits some of the key issues, including the importance of translation in many aspects of our daily lives.

Recommended Databases