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TRA5113 Translation of Texts for the Media: Home

Course Description

Two important areas deserve the attention of translators because of the nature of the activities involved and their demand for quality translation and interpretation. One is the informative texts of journalistic reporting in newspapers, in radio and television coverage, on the Internet and through social media. The other is the world of entertainment — of audio-visual translation in dubbing, subtitling and in other related modes of delivery. This course will introduce the basic principles and concepts for translation in media-related areas and will provide opportunities for students to develop skills through hands-on experience with both types of translations.

Recommended Books

Audiovisual Translation Subtitles and Subtitling: Theory and Practice

This book addresses issues relating to Audiovisual Translation research and didactics. Twelve essays are collected to create a discourse on new directions in Audiovisual Translation and foreign language learning. The book begins with reflections on wider methodological issues, advances to a proposed model of analysis for colloquial speech, touches on more niche aspects of Audiovisual Translation, progresses to didactic applications in foreign language pedagogy and learning at both linguistic and cultural levels, and concludes with a practical proposal for the use of Audiovisual Translation in foreign language classes. An interview with a professional subtitler draws the book to a close.

Recommended Databases