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CHI4002 Chinese language and teaching Chinese as a second language汉语与汉语第二语言教学: Home

Course Description

This course aims to develop students’ necessary awareness of the features of Chinese language and highlights relevance of the knowledge the Chinese language to teaching Chinese as a second language. The essential features of different components of the Chinese language and some fundamental theoretical issues on language teaching will be introduced. Students are encouraged to explore the applications of the knowledge they have learned in practical teaching. The provision of this course enables the students to design teaching plans on the selected language points individually.


Recommended Books





The Sounds of Chinese

This book provides an introduction to Standard Chinese phonetics and phonology, designed for English-speaking students and readers with no prior knowledge of linguistics. It explains from scratch the fundamentals of articulatory phonetics and phonology, and applies them to the phonetic and phonological properties of Chinese. After an introductory chapter which provides the linguistics characteristics, writing system and phonetics and phonology of the Chinese language, the body of the book covers the phonetics of consonants, vowels, and tone, syllable structure, the phonological system, the interaction of tone with stress and intonation, loanword adaptation, dialectal variation in Standard Chinese, and a comparison between the pinyin Romanization spelling system and phonetic transcription.

Recommended Databases