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Citation Tutorials: EndNote: Introduction

To better help students build citing skills, the citation guide provides a brief introduction to the basics of citation, citation styles, and relevant tools.


Do You Know...

Why do you need to cite referenced materials in academic writing? When should you cite? Which citation style should be used in your writing? How to name the list of sources according to different citation styles? 

If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, keep reading.

Why Cite?

It is important to cite the sources that are used in your research for the following reasons:

  • Establishing Your Creditability-Acknowledging authors' contribution to your academic work establishes your creditability as a responsible scholar.
  • Supporting Your Research-It shows that your ideas and information are supported by credited sources.
  • Avoid Plagiarism-When you quote words and thoughts or paraphrase sentences from other authors, citation helps you avoid plagiarism. 
  • Tracking Sources-It guides your readers to track the materials you have used so that they can examine your work if they are interested.

When to Cite?

Always citing your referenced sources is the rule of thumb. Cite your sources with the following circumstances: 

  • Direct Quotes-Use direct quotes of more than ONE word.
  • Paraphrase-Use your own words to interpret someone's ideas or thought in your paper.
  • Summary-Summarize someone else's ideas and thoughts.
  • Uncertainty-Always cite your sources if you are not sure about citing or not citing.

Citation Styles:

Choosing a citation style sometimes depends on which discipline your research belongs to. To decide which citation style to use, you need to know what style is mostly used in the discipline you are writing about or consult with your instructor about what style is required. Discipline means a branch of academic study. The selection of a citation style is subject to the field of study. There are three most common citation styles:

  • APA- American Psychological Association
  • MLA- Modern Language Association
  • Chicago- Chicago Manual of Style

Double-check with your instructor or department to make sure which style is required to use in your research topic.

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More on Citation Formats:

To know more details about the formats of different styles, please refer to Purdue Online Writing Lab.

There is an FAQ platform for users to locate their questions in the first place. Scan the QR code or click here to access the platform.